WILD CUSTOM GUITARS is an artisan workshop… a team of guitar fanatics with creative mindsets… Since 2008, we've built numerous customised guitars and bass. Our custom shop is the pinnacle of our craftsmanship, quality and sound excellence with a constant strive for making the best instruments possible.

Our custom shop offers a wide range of options to build the instrument of your dreams. A lot of options are available from a personalized version of an original Wild custom instrument to a one-off instrument.

You don’t need to be a guitar engineer or an experience guitarist, our team would lead you through the process and help you to define your needs and desires.

How long would it take?

The production lead time would obviously depend on the level of customisation with a minimum of 6 months from validation of the project and reception of the deposit

How much would it cost?

The price of a made to measure instrument starts at 4500€ with split payment options.



We pay a lot of attention to source premium quality woods and we discuss tone wood selection for each project. Our goal is to be as close as possible to our customers expectations. All wood tone options are available on demand.


We’re obviously working with all established guitar pickup companies and also work with boutique pickup manufacturers. We pay a lot of attention to use premium quality wire, capacitors, potentiometers. Based on our experience “less is best” in terms of wiring but all inquiries are more than welcome and we will always do our best to match with your expectations.



The workshop is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Visits are on appointment only but feel free to contact the team during our business time.

Address : 1 rue des Pins / 03300 / Creuzier-le-Vieux / France

Sales & artist relations :  Blaise +33(0)6 31 34 28 72

Maintenance & customization projects : Julien +33(0)6 99 27 11 03

For any other inquiries : Blaise +33(0)6 31 34 28 72

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